Students Against Trafficking & Sexploitation 

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Our Mission

SATS take action against sexual slavery and exploitation in the forms of trafficking, prostitution and pornography. We desire to educate and raise awareness to the SCSU campus and greater St. Cloud community of these injustices.

Who We are/What We Do

We are students and community members fighting together in the new abolitionist movement against sexual slavery and commercial sexual exploitation. As with other anti-human trafficking organizations, we take the radical feminist approach of addressing these issues: we are anti-prostitution and anti-porn. Read on as to why. 

President  & Co-Founder: Rebecca Kotz
Vice President/ Director of Communications: Naomi Landecker
Action Committee Chair: Mary James
Treasurer/Director of Fundraising: Donna Balmer
Community Coordinator & Co-Founder: Sara Menning
We aim to be instruments of awareness by hosting movie screenings, speakers, creating presentations, demonstrations, awareness campaigns, writing letters to political powers, creating and signing existing petitions, doing outreach in strip clubs, and supporting local organizations through fundraising. We desire to create a campus of abolitionists passionate about standing up against the injustice of sexual slavery of both women and men. 

Why We Do It

There are more than 30 MILLION slaves held captive across the globe. 

Slavery was legally abolished in 1865, yet there are more slaves now than ever before in human history.

Human trafficking has been labeled "THE Human Rights Issue of the 21st Century." This is an emergency. A suffering so widespread, so dehumanizing, so nefarious can no longer be ignored.

We can make an impact. We are students who believe we can stop these injustices if we truly make it a priority. So we're making it ours.

Both prostitution and pornography have a relationship that feed off each other. Prostitution would not exist if there were not such a high demand for sexual services. Studies show this increase in demand for prostitution has been linked with the increase in pornography consumption. Not only has pornography fueled trafficking by increasing the demand of specialized "porn-like" sexual entertainment and prostitution, but some women are trafficked for the sole purpose of being used as objects in pornography.

There is little distinction between prostitution and pornography. Pornography is simply prostitution in front of a camera. Prostitution being videotaped or photographed does not change the prostituted person's experience- it is the same exploitation- on or off camera. 

We want to expose the lies and empty promises of pornography and show how destructive it is to our intimacy, relationships and lives. Porn  is arguably very harmful to the actors and well as viewers. Porn actors are often dehumanized  and reduced to objects. Porn often involves an unequal relationship of domination and subordination, sexualizes violence and rape, exploits children/minors, paints a distorted and unrealistic image of healthy sexuality, and  sometimes leads to addiction. Sexual addiction is often propagated by excessive pornography consumption because of its psychological effects, including the rewiring of the brain. "Whether you are taking hard drugs or viewing pornography, the addiction process is the same: you over-expose the brain with pleasure chemicals like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and epinephrine. Your brain then rewires itself to accommodate the extra chemicals, and then you build up a tolerance and dependency to the chemicals. You go from 'wanting' the pleasure chemicals to 'needing' them (" Porn/sexual addiction  can be considered a form of sexual slavery within oneself because you have lost control and are a "slave" to the addiction. Porn affects EVERYONE that sees it because of de-sensitization, but it can negatively affect people in different and more drastic ways. Although most people that  watch porn do not commit sex crimes, there is a connection that can't be ignored: Read further: Porn and Sexual Crime. 

We believe porn contributes to "rape culture"  - normalizes and glorifies violence against women, rape, and degrading sexual practices. People are not sex objects to be consumed. We want to rid ourselves of the “use and dispose” mentality of our culture that is prominent in these tragedies of sexual exploitation. "Exploitation in the commercial sex industry is both a cause and consequence of gender inequality. It is an extreme form of violence against women and girls. It violates their human rights, including the right to equality and non-discrimination, dignity, health, and to be free from violence, torture, inhumane and degrading treatment. It perpetuates the idea that female bodies are for sale to satisfy the male demand for sex. An increasing number of countries are recognizing that true equality can never be reached as long as it is considered acceptable for one more powerful segment of society to purchase the bodies of those members whose options are significantly more limited."- Jacqui Hunt, Director of Equality Now

We want to address the many myths and misconceptions of the sex industry and those involved in it. Numerous studies consistently report that 90% of those in prostitution want to escape but feel they can't- they are in literal or psychological bondage (Prostitution Research). People do not "choose" to be exploited, objectified, and repeatedly raped for pay. If victims are not forced into it, people turn to prostitution because they feel they have no other options. Prostitution is the "World's Oldest Oppression."

We want our community to be informed of the modern-day slavery that exists right here, right now, in the 21st century in not only our country- but in our state, and even in our own city. Apathy is one of the reasons injustice prevails. Silence not only feeds oppression, but breeds acceptance.  

We firmly believe the words of Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.”

People are not property nor products to be sold. Join us in our fight for freedom!

Want to support our mission? If you are interested in financially supporting or donating items to Students Against Trafficking & Sexploitation and its outreach, please see the "Get Involved" page or donate here:

Students Against Trafficking & Sexploitation was founded in October 2012 at St. Cloud State University, MN by Rebecca Kotz  & Sara Menning